How can we help you?

Primary and secondary school

Our programs


We help you to master academic challenges at school, prepare exams and teach you learning techniques – individually or in groups. Experienced teachers support you professionally and sustainably in vacation courses and diploma language courses.

Swiss university entrance qualification (Matura)

The choice is yours: university of applied sciences entrance qualification (Berufsmatura), supplementary exam to gain a university entrance qualification (Passerelle), complementary exam of Swiss higher education institutions (ECUS), admission tests for universities or an international university entrance qualification (International Matura) – we prepare you individually to pass exams and gain certificates successfully.


Primary and secondary school

Would you like to study without stress in small groups in the fifth year of primary school and higher? We focus on the core subjects German, Mathematics, English and French, always with the aim of giving you the best preparation for your career choice or other connecting solutions. You can develop your potentials at our school and we help you along the way.

academia stands for highest quality

What quality means to us

We understand quality to mean that our adolescent and adult students reach their goals with enthusiasm, passion and success.

How we measure quality

We measure the quality of our teaching by your feedback and, of course, by the grades you achieve. We regularly get together with you and document what you and your teachers think about your progress. For us, quality is that you have achieved your goals successfully.

What we do for good quality

Every single lesson and every single step in the teaching process poses specific quality demands. We consider the following quality criteria to be important: needs-based focus, transparency, service-oriented and positive attitude – and we make sure that the student/teacher relationship is very good.

How we verify our quality

We are a state-approved private school under the supervision of the Cantons.