Tuition and coaching

We support students from public and private schools to master their individual academic challenges.

Together with the educational management and the teacher, we define learning targets based on subject matter and teaching materials, and work out study methods that are tailored to the student. During class, we face challenges and clear up any stumbling blocks. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to support children and young persons in a holistic manner and advise parents competently.


At all school levels:

1Primary school
2Secondary school
3Grammar school
(Business/Commercial/Informatics/Specialised Middle Schools)
(Vocational Middle School/Commercial Apprenticeship)
6Vocational schools


In all subjects:

FrenchBusiness and Law
Chemistry Basic-Check
GeographyFinal year projects for university entrance qualification or diploma


Preparation for decisive exams

Important final exams or transfer and admission tests are regularly encountered in the course of a school career. We offer our students intensive and targeted preparation for such important events. We conduct simulations, provide support with regard to learning contents and specifically focus on examination strategies.

Some of the examinations that we prepare for include:

  • University entrance qualification (written and oral)
  • Admission test for grammar school
  • Admission tests and final exams for WMS/HMS/IMS/FMS/BMS (Business/Commercial/Informatics/Specialised/Vocational Middle Schools)
  • Tests for transfer from primary to secondary school
  • Basic-Check and Multicheck (aptitude tests)


Individualised or group teaching

Both individualised and group teaching offer certain advantages. Individualised teaching allows a focussed and intensive approach to challenges, closure of specific knowledge gaps and internalisation of learning strategies.

Classes with other students have the advantage of group dynamics. Not only is working together on a challenge fun, the members of the group also learn from each other. It is often easier for two or more students to work out solutions together.



Students often lack working and learning strategies as well as motivation. They feel stressed, are scared of exams and therefore unable to perform to their full potential. Our comprehensive targeted coaching supports students and helps them to develop a successful way of studying. We work out which learning and working technique is best for the students, automate examination strategies and show them how to deal with stress effectively. This helps us to increase the motivation of every single student.


Please get in touch with us through our contact form.

Holiday courses

„Learn All You Can“

Many students are unable to cope when it comes to systematically catching up on missing knowledge and preparing intensively for a number of exams. Our group courses – available on weekdays, Saturdays and during school holidays – are designed to help in this. In groups of three to six, students learn individually with programmes based on specifically planned key areas. We consolidate knowledge in the subjects and prepare for exams. At the same time, we practise learning strategies with the students. In this way, our programme “Learn All You Can” helps to make learning generally more enjoyable and satisfying.


Essential contents and structures in the core subjects French, Maths, German and English are taught in a “brain friendly” way and adapted to the student’s needs.



In Mathematics, we cover the most important fields such as geometry, algebra, basic arithmetic, fractions as well as interest and percentage calculations with the student. Only a confident student can achieve good grades in exams. We specifically prepare our students for tests that may be required for admission, transfer and assessment of aptitude or eligibility for advancement to the next school level.


New teaching materials do not necessarily make learning a language easier. They often lack the necessary linguistic structures, leading to insecurity in students and parents. We dedicate ourselves to the structures of French in this course. Together with the students, we work out a clear verbal structure and use the verbs as a basis for learning key grammar. Our students also find out how to master vocabulary in a highly motivating and efficient way. Enjoyment of a language is essential for learning it well.


Normally the universal language English does not cause any problems for most students at the beginning. It does however get more difficult with increasing knowledge. We focus on complex grammar and practise written English as well as oral conversation.

German as first language

How do I write an essay? What are the most important rules of spelling? When do I actually need a comma? We answer these questions during the course and create a basis on which students can build. We practise spelling and grammar to enable students to write creative essays, discussions or summaries at a high standard.

German as second language

It is very difficult to be successful at a state school without adequate proficiency in German. An excellent knowledge of German that surpasses a normal level is required to pass the university entrance qualification at a grammar school. In the course, we build up the vocabulary that is in fact essential at school. This also includes specific terminology used in natural science subjects, mathematics, the humanities and social sciences. Additional focus on the structure of the language allows students to follow school lessons as quickly as possible.

Advancement of intellectually gifted students

Intellectually gifted children and youngsters are often underchallenged at school. Persistent underchallenging may lead to frustration and demotivation. In our group courses, we work on interesting and motivating projects, which make children and youngsters reach their cognitive limits. The project work serves to extend their knowledge of working and learning methods that are important for school. These include research, resource-orientated planning, distinguishing relevant from non-relevant matter as well as retrieval and implementation of acquired knowledge.

Other subjects available on request.


Target group

Students attending school (from first grade primary school to gaining their university entrance qualification)/specialised middle school (FMS)/business middle school (WMS) or completing a commercial apprenticeship (KV)/vocational school



1 week
Daily 9:00 – 12:00 h


Several weeks can also be booked.

Content and key areas will be defined in a personal guidance interview.

Please get in touch with us through our contact form.

Language courses

Children and adolescents always learn languages – whether German, English, French, Italian or Spanish – from native speakers. The goal is to be able to communicate freely in the foreign language, in combination with systematic improvement of oral and written language skills. Students acquire basic linguistic structures by means of playful yet efficient methods designed to consolidate knowledge of the language. Our students can take language courses as private lessons or in small groups (three to eight participants).


Language certificates

Children and adolescents can obtain internationally recognised language certificates in numerous foreign languages. This may be in preparation for a stay abroad, for admission to a school or university, as an application advantage or for private purposes. We impart the language skills needed to meet the examination requirements.


European Framework of Reference for Languages

Languages are divided into six different competence levels, from beginner (A1) to near native speaker (C2). Language certificates can be acquired at different levels:


EnglishPET, KET, First Certificate, Certificate in Advanced English, IELTS
SpanishDELE B1, DELE B2, DELE C1
GermanTELC and Goethe Certificates (A1 – C2)

Other languages may be available on request.


Contact us, we are happy to advise you.

University entrance qualification for youths and adults

Many adolescents and young adults are not sufficiently challenged at school, possess a high potential, could not go to grammar school or are already part of the professional world and want to gain a university entrance qualification. We help our students to acquire an international or Swiss university entrance qualification in the shortest possible time, whether as a full-time programme or alongside a career, by means of private lessons or in a small group.


Swiss university entrance qualification (Matura)

Talented all-rounders striving for an extensive education in the areas of language, mathematics, natural sciences and the humanities, can gain a general higher education entrance qualification in form of the Swiss Matura. With the exception of the foreign language subjects, the teaching and examination language is exclusively German. The certificate gives access to Swiss and international universities and universities of applied sciences. Our “Swiss university entrance qualification (Matura)” programme is particularly suitable for students who have two to three years to go before gaining the Matura.


International university entrance qualification

Adolescents and young adults with skills in specific areas, can gain an international university entrance qualification in the form of British A-Levels comprising an individually selected combination of six subjects. Learning is strength-based, with the option of replacing specific subjects causing difficulties with other subjects. An international qualification for university entrance and high proficiency in English gives graduates access to Swiss and international universities and universities of applied sciences. The “International university entrance qualification” programme is particularly suitable for students with good proficiency in English, who have two years to go before gaining the university entrance qualification, or who want to gain it alongside a career.


Registration procedure

Important decisions require detailed information and evaluation. Enquiries are dealt with as follows:

  • We determine individual needs and work out a first objective during a free counselling interview.

  • Different grading tests give us a clear picture of the student and help us to set up an ideal programme.

  • We work out a detailed offer based on the information.

  • A confirmation of the offer is followed by definitive registration. Youths and adults can begin an individual programme at any time.


Youths and adults can begin individual programmes at any time.


Contact us, we are happy to advise you.

Bilingual secondary school EduParc

Please visit the website of the bilingual secondary school EduParc with over 25 years of experience in education:

Gifted students

As a centre of excellence for gifted students and the promotion of giftedness, we support institutions, schools, teachers, parents and gifted children and young adults.

Our programmes:

  • Consultation and Coaching
  • Presentations and Workshops
  • Mentoring for children and young adults
  • School solutions (individual or class solutions)


Contact us, we are happy to advise you.


The satisfaction of our students and their parents is our most important quality standard.

For us, this means:

  • We take the time to find out exactly what the objectives and desires are.
  • We analyse the current level of achievement before teaching begins.
  • We ensure that you can always rely on assistance from our educational management and administration team – from registration to reaching the educational goal.
  • We employ teachers who are passionate about their occupation, possess qualified teaching experience and pursue continuing professional development.


We collect feedback from our students and their parents regularly. We react promptly to criticism and suggestions.

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